Harthrowe Generations 4.13 “Reunion and Changes”

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I can’t believe that its been almost two years since my last update. Things just came up and I found no time for my sims, not to say I did not think about them. Well now I am back and I intend to get back into the Harthrowe Family with some updates here and there. Anyways this chapter is long, very long and has literally all of the family in it. We get to hear what has been going on from Linseys perspective. (Side note: If you want me to upload anyone, just let me know for I have all of them saved.) After being introduced to the family, there are just un-captioned photos of what happened. At the end of the Reunion, we get to the second part of the story Changes. The content does get a little more mature and the pictures risky so read at your own digression. Thanks and enjoy.
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Once Grandma finished with her stories of times far before my time, she invited us all in for some tea. It’s very hard to belive that my mellow tea sipping grandmother was once this ruthless, vicious tyrant of a CEO at Sim-Metta-Cps, or at least that’s what the company evolved into. But after a few more fascinating stories, my mother volunteered to give me a tour around her childhood home. Dad stayed down stairs with the rest of my sisters and his grandchildren. It turns out that I am the last out of all my grandmothers grandchildren to have ever visited Twinbrook, yet see her house.

We started the tour down in the basement. “This is where my brother used to stay” Mom said.

“Brother?!?” I said completely shocked. This was news to me, as far as I knew, Grandma Anna never had a son. “I never knew that you had a brother”

“Well technically I don’t have a brother, just sisters.” she said as she shook her head a little. “I was raised with my Mother and my Aunt Keri, my father wasnt in my life like yours was. He died before I was born… I know he wasnt a good man, but still…” the look in my mothers eyes said it all, she wishes that she could have had the relation with her father that I got with mine. The type of relation that I wish my children could get with theirs. But as shortly as my mother had depressed herself, she was back to her cheery self in no time to continue her story. “I saw my Aunt as a second mother, she did everything that a mother would do with her own children. So you see both my mothers were pregnant at the same time, twice!” she exclaimed. “So of corse I saw my Cousin Vincent as my brother and Janel as another sister.”

“Oh” I said feeling stupid. It all made sence now that my Uncle Vincent would be who my mother had been talking about.

With that my mother continued the tour. She brought me to the first floor where everyone was still conversing or cooing over the young children. Shortly afterwards we went upstairs where we stopped in another living room. It was a rather lovely room with a fireplace and a tv hanging over it. “This used to me my big sisters room. Their beds used to up against that wall over there” she said pointing to walls adjacent to the door. After a few minuets of trying to picture what this room would have looked like back then, we moved on to the actual bedrooms.

“When I was seven, this is where I found Kira fooling around with one of the neighbor boys. It’s also where she gave me a black eye broke my nose afterwards” she said with a laugh.

I let out a nervous chuckle after my mother. I’m not sure how I should react to something like that. Though I guess my mother was fine with it if she could laugh at it. After a few more minuets of my mom reminiscing about times when she was young, she finished up the tour by taking me to the top floor. This used to be my mother’s room that she shared with her sisters. It was converted into a play room for children now since Grandma had lots of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The day ended shortly after my tour of the house. Nothing more really happened as I was escorted to a small apartment that I would be staying at for the duration of my visit. My parents offered to watch my children for me, thus giving me time for myself, time to explore the city, time to gather my thoughts once more for a passion put on hold.

I awoke late in the afternoon to an eery silence. I sat up in my bed, stretching to the afternoon light when I realized it was too quiet. I freaked out fearing that something had happened to my children, but as I frantically started to search through the rooms, I remembered that they were staying over with their grandparents. Feeling stupid, I went about a strange morning routine. Normally I wouldn’t have much time to relax and take a nice bath, but today I was on my own for the first time in what seemed like forever.

After a nice soak in the tub and some personal time to groom myself, I went out for a walk around the city. It was quiet, empty and just plain different from what I was used to. Even Sunset Valley had more people coming and going, but this place just seemed dead.

And speaking of dead, before I knew it i had wandered out to the cemetery and found myself looking at the worn grave stones that belonged to my family. The experience was humbling for it gave me a chance look at my own mortality. Most of who I found buried had died far before their time, an aliment that I almost surcame to when I gave birth to my twins.

After paying my respects to my family, I went back to my grandmother’s house to meet up with everyone. It was a long walk, a few hours at least, but I made it back before the sun was down. While I was gone, my family decided to play around with my girl’s hair. All four of them had a new hairdo.

I found all new styles to be absolutely adorable so I decided to dress up their hair that way for now.

Emma and Lana



Over the corse of the week, family of all sorts started to show up at my grandmother’s house and throughout the town. I meet many relatives that I did not know I had. We also started taking family photos. My grandma didn’t want to bother everyone with so much formality so we were all allowed to wear our casual attire for the photos. That was such a relief for me because it would have been hell trying to get my kids into their formal cloths.

This photo is of my direct family, excluding my grandmother. On the Back left it starts with my twin sisters Mellissa hanging on to Madalyn. Next to the twins are my brother-in-law Cameron Welch hugging on to my pregnant twin sister Lilah, his wife. Next to them stood my father’s daughter he accidentally had with his best friend Cloé Lambrat, before he meet mom, my oldest sister Alyse Eveline Lambrat Harthrowe who lost focus and worriedly looked down to check up on Lilahs twins, my niece and nephew Mike and Kathline Welch. Next to the little ones sits Alyses daughter Aurore. On the Bench sits my loving parents Sean and Léonce. Directly behind my mother stands my parents oldest daughter together, my big sister Lacey. Next to Lacey stands my sister Angie holding her son Greg. Standing next to Angie and Greg is the families gymnast, my sister Daisy. Directly in front of Daisy stands her twins, Erika and Samantha who is in front of Tammy and myself. Erika and Sam look worried about my daughter Crystal, Tammys twin. unfortunately my son Will fell behind his twin sisters, they are triplets after all, Emma and Lana. Lana found something funny about this whole photo shoot and looks absolutely adorable.

This second photo is of my grandmother Annas eldest daughter from her first triplets, Kami Laines family. Seated on the bench is Kami and her husband Nathan Laine. In the far left corner is Kamis second child, her daughter Sally who in turn is holding her daughter, Kamis granddaughter, Kellie Laine. Standing right next to Sally is Janie Laine the wife of Lee Laine, Kamis and Nathans first child, who is standing next to his wife while holding their third daughter Jena Laine while his wife Janie holds their fifth child Esther. In front of Janie and Lee are their first born, twins Sheena the eldest with black hair and Tracie the cute brunette waving. In front of the twins and to the front left sits Janie and Lees only son, their fourth child Silas. Seated next to Silas are Janie and Lees youngest children, their quintuplets. And here I thought having triplets was hard, yowch. Anyways sitting next to Silas are the cute little red heads Lena and Marcella, or is that Marcella and Lena? They are identical in almost every way. Next to her sisters is Teresa, the oldest and only one of the quintuplets that I can definitively identify. Finlay its little Alisa and JoAnna Laine, again I could be mistaken on who is whom. Anyways the age of the quintuplets starts with Teresa being the first-born by about ten minuets. She was followed by Lena and Marcella two minuets later. Another hour later and Alisa was born followed by her sister JoAnna a minuet later. All in all, Janie told me she was in labor for over a day. Next in the Laine family photo is Edward Laine, Kamis third child and the goofball comic of the family. Standing next to her goofball brother is Rebecca Laine, Kami and Lees youngest child. Standing almost in front of Rebecca looking rather seductive is Kamis oldest triplet June Laine. Seated in front of June is the middle triplet, Autumn Laine. Finally behind Autumn and next to June is the youngest of Kamis triplets, Summer Laine. Summer is standing next to her fiancé Dewayne Callahan who is holding their daughter Dawn Laine. Though I must say that Dewayne looks a lot like my grandfather, Chris Blackbolt, from the few photos I have actually seen of him. Grandma had only a few remaining so she could show my mother and her sister who their father was. Anyways Summer and Dewayne plan on getting married soon now that Dawn is about two.

This photo is of my grandmother Annas middle triplet from the first three. Annas second child Cara (Roberts) Harthrowe. On the bench sits Cara next to her youngest daughter, who is very pregnant, Susan Harthrowe. Susan is holding on to her nephew Laron Deeman whos parents reside in the back left corner. In the back is Dan Deeman who is holding on to his pregnant wife Mary Deeman, Caras middle child. A very pregnant Elaine Harthrowe, Caras oldest daughter, stands behind her mother rubbing her pregnant belly. And finally in front are Elaines daughter, each with a different father. You see Elaine was emotionally damaged after her father, Leon Roberts, was arrested for raping her Aunt, Kira, and ultimately committing suicide. After her father committed suicide in prison, Elaine started to sleep around when she was only still just a child. She was thirteen when she started and was trying to fill the void of her fathers sins. Thankfully Susan and Mary turned out okay. Anyways the cute little blonde sucking her thumb is Elaines youngest, for now, little Terry Harthrowe. Standing up in the middle giggling is the oldest of Elaines children, Margarret Harthrowe. And Lastly is little Charlene Harthrowe who inherited her grandfather Leons red hair.

The fourth photo is of Kira Harthrowe, the third born child and youngest of my grandma Annas triplets. Auntie Kiras family is the smallest but probably the strangest. On the left of the bench sits my cousin, who is more like a sister to me, Heather Harthrowe. Heather is Kiras oldest daughter, unfortunately Kira does not know who the father is for she was in the Adult Entertainment Industry and had more than her fair share of unprotected intercourse. Seated next to Heather is obviously my Auntie Kira with her youngest daughter Melony. Melony is barely three years old and was healthily born from my aunt who was nearly fifty at the time. That places the age difference between Heather and her sister Melony and nearly some twenty-seven years. Melonys father is also unknown for Kira went back into making porno graphic videos to help pay for Heathers law school. Being a substitute teacher just can’t cut it when trying to pay for the most prestigious law school there is. Lastly is Kiras middle child Theron. Now unfortunately everyone knows who Therons father is. Kira was raped in her sleep repeatedly over the course of many months by her former brother-in-law Leon Roberts. Eventually over many months of being raped, Kira eventually conceived a child, Theron. But it wasn’t clear who the father was for a few years until Therons hair came in and it looked an awful lot like his former uncle turned father. A short paternity test later and Leon was arrested for rape, sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence and died by his own hands. Fucked up, I know right?

Photo five is of grandma Annas fifth child, the second born in her second set of triplets, Nelly Lee. Nelly is seated next to her loving husband Todd Lee. In back left is Nellys oldest child, Chadrick Lee whom is escorting his wife Malinda Lee. In front of Chad and Mal is their daughter Francisca. Behind Uncle Todd is his twin daughters Anitra and Holli. Anitra is the older of the two twins with the lovely blonde hair and Holli the younger and more outgoing of the twins. Next to the twins is Aunt Nellys youngest child, Lisa accidently turned her head at the time of the photo. Sitting in front of Lisa is her sister Mindy, Nelly and Lees fourth child.

The photo ive been fearing the most, my Aunt Sarah McGraws family. Why, because Aunt Sarah has eighteen kids!!! Anyways on the bench is Sarah kissing her husband Steven McGraw. Now this is where it should get interesting. First in the far back left corner with the blonde hair is Beatrice McGraw, the oldest of Aunt Sarahs twins with her ex-fiancé Adam Ontrio. Next to Beatrice is her twin Bridgette McGraw. Next to his twin sisters is Scottie McGraw, aunt Sarahs first born child, with his arm around his lovely, Twinbrook native, wife Laurel McGraw. Flexing in front of his brother Scottie is Nick McGraw, aunt Sarahs sixth child with Steven the youngest of her first triplets. Underneath Nicks arm is his youngest brother Calvin. Calvin is Sarahs youngest son, the oldest of her last twins with Steven. Next to little Calvin is Melonie, the oldest triplet of Sarah and Steven. Poor Melonie looks like she fell asleep standing up waiting for the photo, but probably what happened was she blinked at the wrong time. Sitting on the floor in between Melonie and Nick is Mike the middle triplet to the set. So just to clarify its Melonie, Mike and then Nick who are Sarah and Stevens oldest triplets in order by age. Next to Mike in the crouching position is Lamar, Aunt Sarahs fifth child over all but second and first son with Uncle Steven. Seated in front of Lamar is his niece and nephew, Aunt Sarahs and Uncle Stevens only grandchildren, Cyrus and Charlene. Cyrus, the little brunette boy looking at his hand, and Charlene are children of Sarahs oldest son Scottie. Scottie was in another marriage, prior to meeting Laurel, which went sour after their youngest son Cyrus was born. After they divorced, a year after Cyrus’ birth, Scottie won full custody of his children. Okay so next to Scotties little ones and her father sits little Karen. Karen is the twin sister of Calvin and is the youngest child of Sarah and Steven. Almost directly behind Steven and next to Laurel is Tanya, Sarah and Stevens first child together. Then there is Barry who while standing behind his sister Tanya came to some realization or another. Beside Barry is Sarah and Stevens first set of twins together, Yvonne who almost blinked at the wrong time and Tad who doesn’t look that thrilled to be here. Next are twins number two, Elaine and David who are striking a pose together. And finally at the end here we have Sarah and Stevens second set of triplets. The oldest of the three is Jeri, the little girl lying on the floor. Above Jeri is her twin sisters. First is Ruby, who is giving the peace sign while making a silly face. Finally there is the cute Blondie Bell who looks like she is wondering where Rubys pants or tights are. And I have to admit that it is a rather short dress for a girl her age to be wearing.

And that is my general family, excluding my grandmother who will appear in a later photo. The next photos are relatives of mine although I might not know exactly how we are related, I do know that they are the children of my Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandmother Paul and Mary Harthrowe.

These first photos are of my Grandmothers older brother Marco II and his wife Vanessa Harthrowes family. Marco II named after his Grandfather my Great-Great-Grandpa Marco. It starts with Grandmas nephew Han Harthrowe who is seated with his wife Kate. In the back left is Hans oldest son Matthew hugging on to his wife Mandie Harthrowes pregnant stomach. In front of Mat and Mandie is their daughter, Hans only grandchild, Sandy. In the middle is Hans youngest and only daughter Mellina. Mellina anciently started laughing as the photo was shot, im not quite sure at what though. The last person is Hans middle child Scott Hathrowe.

Next is Marco II’s second child, his daughter Cristy Gauthier and her family. Chisty is seated next to her husband Delvin. Behind Cristy are her two daughters, Dianna , the older of the two, and Serina Gauthier who is wearing a red tie. Not sure why she has a tie on, must be some teenage craze. Ill have to ask my sisters Mellissa and Madalyn later.

This is the last photo of Marco II and Vanessa Harthrowes family. On the bench sits Marsha Funk, the youngest daughter of Marco II. Marsha is cuddling with her husband Jamie. Behind them are their daughters Zelda who is holding her little sister Sprite.

The next set of photos comes from Grandma Annas sister Kristin Harthrowe Riveras family. Kristin originally was a paramedic who eventually settled down to become an Obstetrician and gynecologist. She help to bring so many lives into the world including my mother Sean and her twin sisters Nelly and Sarah. Kristin also delivered my twin sisters Mellissa and Madalyn. And I know if she were still around today, she would have been there to deliver my twins or triplets. Kristin just loved children and had six children of her own with her loving husband Richtor Rivera.

The first photo is of Kristins first child Alexandra Rivera. Alexandra was in an abusive marriage with her now ex-husband Tom Bello. Before Alexandras got a divorce, she had a daughter, Lois. Lois Alston stands behind her mother and next to her husband Abner Alston, while holding their young son Clark.

In the second photo we have Kristins second child, the oldest of her first twins, Lily Meador. Lily sits in the loving arms of her husband Leif Meador. Directly behind Lily is her oldest child and only daughter Isabella Meador. Isabella is in the beginning stages of her second trimester, she is barely starting to show. Isabellas fiancé and the father of her child, Stan Dingstill, stands lovingly behind his soon to be wife. The young man to the left of Isabella, the right side of the photo, is the second child of Lily and Lief, their oldest son Wally. And lastly is the Leif and Lilys youngest child, Tarance.

Photo three of this family is of Krisins third child, and twin sister of Lily, Jamie Loyd. Jamies husband, Augustin Loyd, sits lovingly with his wife, though you can see the concern in his face about his very very pregnant teenage daughter Paula. Paula is barely sixteen years old and is about to be a mother, she looks like she could go into labor at any time now. And as it turns out Paulas due date is in roughly a week. She doesn’t want to know the gender of her child until she gives birth, but her doctor says that everything looks good for a girl her age.

The next photo is of Allie Rivera, Kristins fourth child, and her family. I’m sure you can tell by this photo that Allie isn’t all to interested in men. Allie married her high school girlfriend Yesenia Rivera and they started a family. Instead of adopting children, they went to a fertility clinic. Anyways Allie has her arm around her pregnant wife. This will be their sixth child they will raise together, the third child bore by Yesenia. The young man in the back is George Rivera, their second child together and first bore by Yesenia. The cutie sucking her thumb is Amanda the current youngest and third child of Allies. Amanda sits next to her big sister Kattie who is lying on the floor. Kattie is the first child that he couple had together and is Allies first-born. The last two are little girls are Jennifer and Tracey Rivera, left to right. Tracey is Allies second child, the couples third while Tracey is Yesenias second.

Brandie, Brandie Rivera is a cousin of mine!?! I knew that we had a few relatives with the sur name Rivera but I thought that was just coincidence. Ahem, Brandie Rivera is a pretty famous Rock Star for the past… er… em…. well she’s been famous for literally my entire life. I grew up listening to her music, and now I find out that she is a relative of mine, that’s just unbelievable. Anyways Brandie is seated next to her son Lex. I still remember the scandal when the tabloids started publishing photos of an unwed pregnant Brandie. Those were some harsh times for her, but shortly after delivering Lex, she bounced back and is still a big icon in the music world today. I still can’t belive we are related. Yeah Brandie is Kristin and Richtors fifth daughter.

This is the last photo of Krisitins family, her youngest daughter Yusun Griffiths. A pregnant Yusun is seated in the arms of her husband Frank Griffiths. Yusun is pregnant for the tenth time, wow ten times, expecting her eleventh child. In the back left corner is Yusun and Franks oldest child, their daughter Ellen Griffiths. Ellen is holding on to her youngest brother Migeul. In front of Ellen and Miguel stands Martain, Yusuns seventh child. The cuties in front of Martain are the current youngest of the household, Yusuns twins Julia and Joline. Joline is the younger twin in the light pink dress sitting to her twin sisters right hand side, left side of the photo. The two cute little twins are lost in their own little world not paying much attention to anything or anyone but their other half. Directly behind Yusun is little Laura, the sixth born child. She is hanging on to her big brother Phil, Yusun and Franks second child, who must work out quite a bit if he is able to hold seven-year old sister on his right arm only. The young woman with her hand on her cheek standing next to her brothers is Judy Griffiths, the couples fourth child. The little boy in the blue jacket looking at his parents is Stan, Yusuns fifth born. And lastly there is Danny, Yusuns third child, giving the horns while his other hand goes through the two holes in his pants.

And with my Great Aunt Kristins family photos complete, we move to my next great-uncle. The infamous Gary “G” Harthrowe and his family.

Gary only had three children with his wife Amber. His oldest being his only daughter Celia who is lucky to have been born altogether. In the first few months of Ambers pregnancy with Celia, she was abducted, raped, beaten, cut and stabbed repeatedly before passing out from loss of blood. Celia was born a few months later perfectly health as her mother had survived the attack. I guess you can say that all of the people in these photos upcoming photos are lucky as well for they would not have been born if Amber did not survive. Not only did Amber survive to survive to have brought Celia and the others into the world, but she also helped bring Gary back from the abyss, even if it was for a short few years. Anyways this photo is of Celia Harthrowe and her son Chris. Celia never got married, she just had her one son whom she raised with the help of her mother.

The second photo is of Garland, Gary and Ambers first son and middle child, who is cuddling with his wife Celeste Harthrowe. On the left is Fred, Garlands oldest son, hugging on to his pregnant wife Tennille Harthrowes belly. They are expecting their second child. Standing next to Fred in the panda shirt scratching his stomach is Louis, Garland and Celestes middle child. In the middle, directly behind his parents, is Francis. Francis is a male model which explains his professional looking pose. Next to Francis is Luke, the youngest son. Standing next to Luke holding her nephew Wallace, Fred and Tennilles little boy, is the couples youngest and only daughter Mila. She is very pretty for a twelve-year-old girl and I have a feeling she will become a model when she is older like her brother.

The last photo of the set belongs to Gary and Ambers youngest son Cesar Harthrowe and his small family. Cesar is cuddling with his wife Olivia Harthrowe. They plan on adding a new member to their small family as they have been trying to get Olivia pregnant. Everyone is crossing their fingers and wishing them luck. The couple currently has two daughters, their oldest Lucy is seven while their youngest Linnette is three. The two girls love one another to pieces and look absolutely adorable lying together.

And thus ends Garys legacy. Although the legacy of his alter ego “G” probably will never die. After his death a bunch of copy-cats started their own vigilante spree in his honor and name. Thankfully they don’t know of Garys family or we would never get peace.

The next set of photos comes from my grandmothers little sister Keri. The first photo is of Keris oldest child, my Uncle Vincent and his family. Vincent is sitting with his lovely wife Kristin Harthrowe. In the back left corner is Uncle V’s first child, my cousin Luigi Harthrowe. Luigi is clinging to his pregnant wife Annette Harthrowe. In front of the loving couple are their three young children. In the middle of the little cuties is Luigi and Annettes first child, their son Isaiah. Sitting on both sides of little Isaiah are the twin, his sisters Darlene the cute dirty blonde and older of the two on the left and Sherita Harthrowe the adorable brunette and youngest on the right. Next to Luigi, and kind of behind him, doing the Y in the YMCA is Vincents youngest son and second child John Harthrowe. John is standing next to Nate Days, his little sister and Vincents middle child Angela Harthrowe. Angela and Nate are only dating but they already have a daughter together, little Dianna Harthrowe. Although Nate is showing affection to the mother of his child, Angela, she looks to be pulling away from him. She might not be to pleased that they do have a two-year old daughter together and he has yet to man up to the situation. Angela looks like she is trying to pull away to her younger sisters, Hope and Felecia Harthrowe. Hope is trying to get her seventeen year old baby sister stop her ridiculous pose.

Photo two is of Cousin Janel Harthrowe and her Family. Janel is the only one sitting on the bench, she never got married, she just had some bad circumstances. Janel kind of sort of slept with her mothers, now ex, boyfriend and conceived her triplets. Her oldest son and first of the triplets is Samm Harthrowe. Samm, yes it is spelled with two m’s, is standing in the back left corner with his young wife Lilly. Lilly just turned eighteen a few months ago and already has twin two-year old daughters with Samm who is twenty-nine. This obviously implies that he was fucking around with a minor. Samm is a retired Football MVP so im guessing his fame is what led him into believing it was okay for him to fuck a fifteen year old teenager. Yeah doing the math, Lilly would had to have been fifteen almost sixteen upon conception. And then considering the fact that Samm would have been twenty-seven at the time… yeah that’s just wrong, but some how he got away with it and even married his teenage bride a little over a year after his twins were born. Lilly would have been seventeen when she got married, again still not legal. Now Lilly is roughly seven months pregnant with another pair of twins, implying that she conceived on her wedding night. I hate to drag on about how wrong this is, but Lilly is only a senior in high school. Whatever, they seem to be happy all things aside, so I guess that all that matters. Anyways before Samm was fucking teenage girls, he was in at least three different relationships where he impregnated three separate women. Not all at the same time, but generally around the same time considering the age of his children. The oldest is the cute little four-year old boy in the orange shirt, Lance Switzer Harthrowe. Lance is sitting in between his two sisters. The dark-haired angel is Veronica Schultz Harthrowe who is about three and a half. And then the little blonde cutie sucking her thumb is three-year old Rachael Cross Harthrowe. Samm had two wemon pregnant at a time, excluding his wife. Somehow or another he got custody of his little ones to make one big happy family. The cute redhead twins at the front are little Kari and Lea Hathrowe, again I can’t tell them apart, sorry. But I do know that Kari is the older twin by roughly thirty minuets. Well the young man in glasses holding the two little girls is Charlie Harthrowe, Janels second child and the middle triplet. Now the two little girls are not Charlies, they actually are his younger twin sisters. Janel was in a brief relationship a few year back which led to the birth of her twins, six-year-old Luna and Rose. Rose is the sweety in purple under Charlies arm while Luna clings to her big brothers leg. There is a twenty-three year age gap between Janels kids, but Charlie adores his little sister and I know they adore him. It’s actually quite cute. The last and youngest triplet is Kitty O’Niel. Kitty is lying on her husband Carmello O’Niel who is gently caressing their developing child. This is Kittys third pregnancy, she is expecting another girl. Lastly are Kittys two little girls, Celeste and Casandra O’Niel. Celeste is in a cute little animal dress playing with her feet and Casandra is in the purple shirt and pants looking at her cousins.

Kari only had the two children, both were born from unfortunate circumstances. But over time and with enough love from her sister, grandma Anna, Keri helped raise not only her children, but my mother and Aunts as well. Everyone sees it that Keri needed Anna, but I belive Anna needed her little sister just as much. Anyways the next set of photos are of the children of my Grandmothers brother Jimmy (James) Harthrowe and his wife Amy.

The first photo of this set is of Jims eldest daughter Susana Miranda. Susana is resting comfortably in the arms of her husband Davis Miranda. Behind them is their so Alex, a writer like myself! Alex looks to be deep in thought, possibly thinking about his book. Next to Alex is his little sister Amelia Miranda. Amelia is in the arms of her boyfriend Gary Farr. They are expecting their third child. Amelia and Garys children adorably sit in front of their parents. The oldest of the two is Jerico Miranda and he is the cute little boy in orange biting his hand. His younger brother sits beside him sucking his thumb. They look adorable.

The second photo is the family of Paul II (Pauly) Harthrowe. He is Jim and Amys second child and is named after my Grandmothers father, my Great-Grandpa Paul. Amy was about nine months pregnant at the time James father passed away, so a few days later when she gave birth to a little boy they decided to name him after their late father. Pauly rests comfortably with his wife Cherie Harthrowe. The couple has twin teenage daughters Ruby, in pink, and Saphire, in blue. It made me laugh a little at that twins colors are red and blue, now that’s just irony. The cute blonde sitting on the floor is Paulys youngest, Cloe.

The third photo is the family of Lacey Harthrowe. Not to be confused with my big sister Lacey. Lacey sits with her newborn son Pablo resting in her arms, he was born no more than two months prior to the reunion. Sitting next to Lacey is her fiancé Jeffry Finch. Jeff is holding the couples two-year old son Steven. The couple plans to get married when Pablo is a little older, unless any unsuspected surprises come up.

The last photo is a combination of Jims youngest daughters. Aubrey is the older of the two holding her daughter Rochelle Harthrowe. The father abandoned Aubrey after finding out she was expecting and never met his daughter. Sounds familiar…. Chris ….. Anyways she is living with her little sister Melanie Harthrowe. I heard that Melanie looks an awful lot like her mother Amy, but I haven’t seen all to many photos of Amy when she was younger yet.

This photo is of Lilah Harthrowe, not to be confused with my twin sister, and her daughter Suzanne. Lilahs parents are unknown as she was left out in front of an orphanage literally since she was born. Three years down the line she was adopted by Grandmas youngest sister Stacey Harthrowe and her wife Molly. They raised Lilah as their own daughter even when they began having children of their own, Lilah was still treated as their own biological daughter. Anyways Lilah works very hard at my grandmothers company she later sold, what eventually became CEO at Sim-Metta-Cps, and never really had time for a social life. Wanting a family of her own, Lilah went to a specialized bank where she conceived her daughter Suzanne. Lilah also is talking about adopting another child or two once Suzanne is a little older.

The next photos are of Stacey and Mollys children with a mutual third-party, Colin Hastings. It’s not that they were cheating on one another, they were ver much in love and wanted biological children too. So Colin was contracted to perform services to help them grow their family.

The second photo of the set is of Charla Clanceys family. Charla, Staceys first child, is happily married to her husband Arron Clancey. Standing in the back middle is Charlas oldest daughter Rosie Clancey. Standing next to Rosie in the orange shirt wearing a big beautiful smile is Charlas second daughter Sarah Clancey. Now here is where things get strange, it turns out that Charlas husband Arron cheated on her back when she was pregnant with Rosie. He cheated with Charlas sister Marci Padgett impregnating her. They were able to keep it a secret for many years, even when Marci got married herself. Now instead of instead of getting a divorce or going to marriage counseling like any normal couple, Charla went out and got even. She slept with her sister Marcis husband, Jarred Padgett, and conceived a child with him out of spite. Some how or another the two families made it work out and everyone’s all on good terms now. Strange, very strange relation. Anyways Charla and Jarred had a daughter together, the beautiful dark-haired girl in white, Amy Clancey. After straightening everything out with her husband, Charla and Arron had a son together, Lee Clancey who is sitting in front of his parents.

The third photo is of Marci Padgetts family. Marci is Mollys first child and is lovingly seated in the arms of her husband Jarred Padgett. Although Marci is now happily married, Marci slept with her sister’s husband Arron. This was years before she meet her husband. The brief affair led to Marci conceiving a child with her sister’s husband. Marci and Arron kept the fact that they had a son together a secret for many years. So standing in the middle, the only other male, is Marci son with Arron Clancey, Roger Padgett. A few years down the line Marci got married to her husband Jarred and they had a daughter together. Wearing white and with her mothers orange hair is Marcis first daughter with her husband, Kathrine Padgett. A few years after Kathrine was born, the news of who Rogers father was came out and an infuriated Charla forced Jarred into, well fucking her. That lead to the birth of Amy. Now holding no grudge against her husband or sister, Marci and Jarred had another daughter together. Wearing the dark cloth and pretty black hair is Nancy Padgett, the youngest in this really screwed up two families.

The fourth photo is of Harmony Melendez, Staceys second biological child, and her family. Harmony is in the arms of her husband Jerry Melendez. Behind the couple is their youngest daughter Tawana who is lovingly looking down at her parents. Next to Tawana and in the right corner stands the couples older girls. First in the orange shirt is Tabatha, the first child of Harmony and Jerry. And lastly is the couples middle child Peach Melendez. Peach was in a black shirt wearing a red tie, again I will have to find out from my sisters if that is some sort of teenage fashion craze.

Photo five is of Wyatt Harthrowe, Mollys second child and the couples first son. Wyatt is holding his wife Tisha. Behind the couple are their two sons. The oldest is Shelby Harthrowe who is dressed in the skull shirt. Shelby is standing next to his younger brother Josiah.

The next photo is of Nickolas Harthrowe, Mollys second son and third biological child. Charlie brought his girlfriend Bridgette Wofford with him to the reunion. The couple stands lovingly hand in hand gazing into one anthers eyes. How adorable.

Photo seven is of Staceys only biological son and third child, Charlie Harthrowe and his wife Claudia. Charlie sits on the floor with his pregnant wife resting in his lap. Charlie rests his hand on his wifes baby bump, it’s going to be the couples first child.

Photo eight is the family of Courtney Harthrowe. Courtney is Stacey fourth child that she had. Before Stacey conceived Courtney, her contract with Colin had run its course and he had already left. Now Stacey and Molly still had an urge to bare children, so they went out to bars and made a few lucky stiffs three-way fantasies into reality. On one of those occasions, Stacey conceived Courtney and Molly too would ultimately conceive a child only to have a devastating miscarriage. Courtney has three children and a fourth on the way with her long time boyfriend Felipe DeLong. Filipe lovingly holds his girlfriend in his arms, though im not sure why he hasn’t taken the next step with her. I mean he already has three with Courtney and another on the way. Anyways the three cute little girls sitting in front of them are their daughters. On the right side in the yellow dress and with her fathers dark brown hair is the couples first child Eliza Harthrowe. In the middle sucking her thumb is the current youngest, little Kellee. ANd finally with the beautiful long black hair is Lynette Harthrowe. Courtney say she is expecting another girl in a month.

The last photo of the set is of Stacey and Mollys youngest daughters, Allison and Brook Harthrowe. A few years after Stacey had Courtney and Molly miscarried, they decided that they both wanted to give birth to one more child each. Unlike last time they went to a specialist for proper fertilization. After choosing a donor, they decided to carry each others baby. So Mollys fertilized egg went into Stacey and Staceys went into Molly. It made them feel closer to each other and their love grew stronger. The two actually went into labor together, even though Stacey wasn’t due for another week, and had their girls only a few minuets apart from one another. Stacey and Molly considered their new borns twins even if they came from separate mothers. Allison is the older of the girls, by roughly five minuets. Allison is Mollys daughter bore by her wife Stacey. Brook is biologically Staceys but was bore by Molly, very confusing stuff. Anyways Being twins both Allison and Brook did everything together and shared everything, even a boyfriend. They both say they are expecting their first child from the same ex-boyfriend, and that they gave each other private time to be intimate. It’s the one thing they say they are glad they did not do together. Allison is the spitting image of her biological mother Molly and is clinging on to her little sister. And Brook looks like a young Stacey.

Finally its a photo of the family matriarchs. In the back corner is grandmas little sister Stacey in the arms of her loving wife Molly Harthrowe. Standing next to the only surviving couple, is Amber, Gary Harthrowes wife. Amber is standing next to Kari Harthrowe, Annas younger sister. On the right end is Amy, James Harthrowes wife. Sitting on the bench is are the oldest two members of the Harthrowe family. On the left is Vanessa, Marco II’s wife. And finally seated next to Vanessa with a big smile across her lips is my Granma Anna. Grandma is the one hosting this entire week-long affair and is the head of the family.

And that should have been the end of the photos, but my grandmother had another a surprise in store.

The first photo is of my Aunt Roxanne Blackbolt Smith and her family. Yes the daughter of my grandfather Chris Blackbolt with another woman. My mother hold no grudge against the children, anymore, and invited them to the reunion. After all they are siblings to her children and my Aunts and Uncles. Seated on the bench is my Aunt Roxanne Smith with her two-year old daughter Tara. Tara was an unexpected blessing to my Aunts. Like Aunt Kiras daughter Melony, Tera was born to Roxanne when she was in her mid late forties. Tara is thirteen years younger than her next sisters and some twenty-three years younger than her oldest brother. My Uncle Roger Smith sits next to this wife and daughter resting his hand upon his wifes inner thigh. Anyways the young girl in the back left corner is Miranda Smith, Roxie and Rogers fourth child. Next to Miranda is Alyssa, the wife of Roxies first child Marth Smith. The couple is expecting their first child. And they arent the only one expecting, in front of them is Roxies second child, her daughter Lily McDanial. Lily is lovingly lying in her husband Leroys lap. Behind my Aunt and Uncle are the couples teenage quintuplets, the youngest before Tara was born. The blond giving the peace sign is the middle quintuplet, Deidra. Faye is red-head and the second born of the quintuplets, she looks rather nervous being here. In the middle is the youngest of the quintuplets, Felicia. Fifteen year old Felicia is pregnant, she got knocked up on her prom night by her boyfriend. My Aunt and Uncle aren’t very happy, for obvious reasons, but are willing to help their daughter raise her child so she can complete high school. Standing next to Felicia is Leah, the oldest of the quintuplets. And finally the last of the quintuplets is Jamie, the fourth of the five. Standing next to the quintuplets are the twins, Shavonne and Will. Shavonne hangs on to her slightly older brother Will. For mixed gender twins, they seem rather close. The twins are my Aunts fifth and sixth children. Next to the twins is Alphonso, the seventh child. Alphonso is behind his big brother, third born, Alex Smith who is going to med school.

The second photo is of my Grandfathers second child, his only son, My Uncle Danial Blackbot an his family. Seated on the bench is Danial Blackbolt and his pregnant wife Erika. Erica is pregnant for the fifteenth time. She is about five months into her last pregnancy, they are expecting four more little girls. Once they are born, my Aunt will have had twenty-five little girls in her eighteen years of marriage to my Uncle. They have been trying for a son but they found out that the quadruples are all girls. My Aunt and Uncle are a little disappointed that they wont have a son, but are happy with their girls. And who knows, Aunt Erica is only thirty-six so can still try another time. All I know is that even after twenty-one children, Aunt Erica has maintained a small a petite shape. Anyways onwards, in the back left is Alicia, the first daughter, holding her current youngest little sister Lily. Lily is the younger twin of the couples youngest twins. Next to Alicia is Chandra, fifth born, holding Sahara, Lilys twin. Though the twins are dressed the same and have the same hair style, I can actually tell them apart. First of all Lily is a lighter complection then her twin, actually has the fairest skin of her sisters. Next Lily has a cute mole under her right eye, although you can not see it in the photo. And lastly Lily has her mothers adorable pale blue eyes, while Chandra takes after her grandfather and has his golden brown eyes like I have. In front of Alicia in the black is Sandy, Ericas tenth daughter. Next to Sandy in the pink is Robin and Sitting down is Lacy. Robin and Lacy are twins with Robin being the older of the two. They are the thirteenth and fourteenth born. Lying on the floor is Daisy, slightly older than the twin at number twelve. And lying next to her big sister is little Donna, Danial and Ericas eighteenth daughter. In the middle with her arms out is Beth, daughter number six. Next to Beth is the couples first twins, Kaylah and Kelsey. Kaylah, the younger of the two, is holding on to her twin sister Kelsey. They are from their mothers second pregnancy. Next to Kaylah and Kelsey is Karen, the fourth daughter and she is holding Jenifer. Jenifer is the couples nineteenth daughter. In front Jenifer are the couples oldest triplets. Shay is In yellow, she is the middle triplets. Jeanette is in purple and is the youngest. And Karina is the oldest in Orange. They are the seventh through ninth daughters. Sitting down next to both sets of triplets is Allison, the eleventh born. Last are the youngest triplets, girls fifteen through seventeen. In front of Alison is Abbey, the oldest. Erin is sitting in the middle but is the youngest. And Maricela is the cutie biting her hand. Marcella has her moms eyes which is the only way I can tell her apart from Abbey. I can’t believe that they are able to manage so many children between the two of them.

And finally the last photo. My Grandfathers youngest daughter Cindy Swartz. Cindy is a few months younger than my mom, she was conceived a few night before her father was arrested for rape. She never met her father like my mother and her sisters. Only Roxanne and Danial got to know their father. Anyways Cindy is in the arms of her husband Hassan Swartz. They only had one daughter together Amanda Swartz. Amanda had two children with her high school sweet heart and now ex-boyfriend. In her arms is Melody. Sitting in front of her grandparents is Melinda. And that’s everyone.

Throughout the party, I met and had a few conversations with a few of my relatives. When I wasn’t being forced to meet this person or that person, I would just stand back and watch my babies. Emma and Lana clung together with my mom, if you pulled one more than a few feet apart from the other, they both got rather fussy.

Tammy, Crystal and Will, on the other hand, were fascinated with Brandie. You see at some point or another, Brandie brought out one of her guitars and started to play. I still can’t belive it, Brandie, Brandie Rivera, the famous rock star is standing in front of me playing for her Aunts birthday.

Eventually all good things come to an end and about a week and a half of partying, we eventually made our way back home.

Time went by rather fast after my grandmothers celebration and before I knew it a whole year had passed. A few changes happened over the previous year. First Lilah had another pair of twins, two girls this time. Kaylee and Katelynn. Along with having two precious girls, Lilah also got a big role on a popular tv sitcom. Then there is the move. Both Lacey and Heather were doing so well in their careers that they both received promotions and would have to transfer to a small community a few hours away from the city. Lacey suggested that I move along with them, that it would be good for my health and the children.

I thought about it for a while, and decided that even though there were some good memories I had here, that I had way to many bad ones. So I went with them.

The first few months was spent living at a small apartment complex while looking for a house large enough for all of us. Things were good. Heather got into another casually intimate relation with another co-worker. I found out the hard way again as I walked in on them one time. Her promiscuous life style is defiantly something she inherited from Aunt Kira.

Heather wasn’t the only one who found a new relation, Lacey got into her first official relation with a young man named Angel Olsen whom she met the local bistro. And that relation seemed to flourish fast as Angel was coming over more frequent and they became more affectionate. Though as affectionate as the got, Lacey never gave herself to him. She said that as much as she wanted him, she wouldn’t give away her virginity until she was married. That was something I could respect about my big sister, but then only a few months into their relation they had news to share, they were engaged.

One night, only a few day after their big engagement celebration, Lacey did not come home. Heather wasn’t too worried because she had her boy toy, but I was getting worried. It wasn’t like my sister to stay out that late, even after she started seeing Angel. It was early the next morning, roughly some time after two-thirty, when I heard the front door shut. I had just began to doze off, after the noise coming from Heathers room subsided, so I was just about to fall asleep when I heard Laceys door open. I hurried quietly, as to not wake my little ones, to dress myself and meet my sister. But before I could get to the door, the noises started up again.

I sat out in the living room that night for a while, I couldn’t sleep. There is something about hearing your cousin making love in your sister’s room that just disturbed me. After what seemed like an eternity, the passionate noises of lovemaking died down and I thought that I could finally return to my room for some shut-eye. I started down the hallway when Laceys door flung open and Lacey came flying out of her room in the nude. I didn’t think she expected anyone else to be up and upon seeing me she jumped then attempted to conceal her privates. We exchanged awkward glances as she passed me on her way to the bathroom.

I went and laid down on my bed, still a little shocked at what my sister probably had been doing. A few minutes later there was a soft knock at my door. “Lins, you still awake?” I heard Lacey ask in a whisper. I didn’t respond, I didn’t know what to say. “Linsey?” she whispered again.

“Yeah” I responded.

“Can I come it?” she asked

“Sure” I said “just make sure you are dressed”

Lacey laughed a little before opening the door and entering. “Hi” she said in a whisper trying not to wake the little ones.

“Hey” I replied.

“soo… umm… I… I guess I should apologize for running into you like that” she said.

“Its okay, it’s not like you haven’t had to see me in all my glory” I replied

Lacey snorted out a small laugh. “So are we good?” she asked

“Yeah we’re good” I said. Lacey smiled and reached over to give me a hug. “Soo… what happened to waiting until your married?” I teased.

“WHat!?! Oh god! please don’t tell me you saw…” she panicked

“No no” I interrupted. “I just heard you”

“Oh god im sooo sorry” Lacey replied

“So not waiting?” I asked again

“well.. um… I’m married” she shouted while lifting her hand.

“Shhh, you’ll wake the babies” I whispered. “Wait, what? Your married?” I asked. It just dawned on me what she said.

“Yes” she giggled, hugging me again. “Angel and I eloped last night, You’re the first person I told” she said

I was filled with a mix of emotions. First I was still kind of disturbed having to hear first my cousin in the thralls of passion, but then hearing my sister’s wedding night. Then obviously there was immense joy. My sister had just gotten married, I mean who wouldn’t be happy. Then lastly there, in the pit of my stomach, was jealousy. Why was she able to experience so much bliss and joy while I’m left with all the heartache. I know im a bad person for feeling that way, but I just couldn’t help it.

After all was said and done, along with quite a few congratulations on my part and many hugs, Lacey returned to her room to be with her newly wed husband. I went to bed to try to get some sleep before one of my little ones wake up.

The next few days are spent calling family and friends to let them know of the good news that my sister had. It was also a time for me to reconnect with Alex Miranda. I meet Alex at my grandmothers big get-together. He is a cousin of some sort to me. He is my Grandma Annas brother Jimmy Harthrowes daughter Susana Mirandas son. Alex is also a writer like myself and we decided to try to collaborate together on a new project.

Alex was a busy man, traveling here and there, on his late grandfathers old political funds, taking in sights to inspire his writing. So it wasn’t long before he made a trip down to visit me. We meet a few times that week at the local coffee shop, while Lacey and Angel stayed home and watched the kids. It was on one of those meets, that Alex didn’t have the courtesy to attend, that I meet someone new.

As I was sitting there, a young man approached and sat down at the table with me. He introduced himself to me as Damion and tried a few cheesy pick up lines. I liked the attention and soon found myself sharing a meal with him just casually conversing over lunch. I had such a great time that after the meal we decided to change numbers, maybe meet up on a later day when im not as busy.

A few days later I got a call from Alex letting me know that a few ideas that I came up with were approved by a popular publicist. He explain that he forgot to tell me that he had set up a few meeting that day to try to get funds for my project, that’s why he bailed on me. He told me that he would be happy to help out if I ever got stuck, but he said that with my writing skills, he doubts that he will have to. The news was great for I lost my old publicist a few months after the triplets were born.

And that wasn’t the only good news I got. A few hours later I got a call from Damion, he wanted to take me out to dinner. Lacey and Angel volunteered to watch the kids while I was out and even though I did not know Angel well, he was now married to my sister and she loves and trusts him with all her heart. So I went to dinner with Damion and had a very good time.

The next morning was met with more good news. As I waited for my turn for the bathroom, I was bombarded with squeals of joy as Lacey came rushing out of the bathroom. She only had a towel on and she had in her hand a positive pregnancy test.

“I’m pregnant I’m pregnant I’m pregnant I’m pregnant I’m pregnant” she squealed pulling me close for a hug.

“That great” I smiled trying to reattached her falling towel. Seeing her naked once this month was more than enough for me.

“I cant wait to tell Angel” she said bolting from both myself and her towel as she ran down the hall to her room. And again I heard her scream in excitement that she was pregnant to her husband.

Damion and I continued to see one another going on a few dates over the past few weeks when one stormy afternoon he came by for a visit. Lacey, Angel and Heather were out and I had just gotten the kids down for a nap. SO I figured it would be nice to spend a little time with my boyfriend. We were cuddling on the couch watching tv when he snuck a kiss. It wasn’t uncommon for Damion to sneak a kiss or two, but what happened next caught me off guard.

“I love you Linsey” he said nuzzling his nose against mine. “I love you so much” he exclaimed.

I paused there, my face bright red with embarrassment. I didn’t know what to say but an “I love you too” eventually squeaked out of my lips, and with that I gave him a kiss aswell. We began sharing more kisses and our movement bumped the tvs remote and almost if someone or something was trying to tell us something, a porno came on to the screen. Heather liked watching those programs with her boy-toy and im sure Lacey watched them too before meeting Angel so we paid the extra for those channels. I’m not going to deny that watching a porno with my boyfriend didn’t excite me, I know it excited Damion as he became a little hansey.

It wasn’t long before the kisses became more passionate and my body tingled with passion as Damions hands found their way around my body. It wasn’t to surprising that I found myself undressing him as he did the same to me, and before long we were making out in our undergarments. We made out for quite some time and before long I found one of his hands down my panties. As his hand made its way to my groin, I began to cry. I don’t quite know why I did, but Damion noticed and abruptly stopped pulling his hand out.

“Whats wrong babe? If you don’t want to do this we don’t have to” he said. “I just kind of got caught in the moment. You know with that porno playing and how beautiful you are” I just sniffled a little, tears still falling down my cheeks. Many repressed memories came flooding back into my mind. Things that had happened to me and happened after becoming intimate. Damion rested my head gently on his strong shoulder. “Its okay, we don’t have to do this” he said soothingly. “Ill still love you all the same”

After hearing that I don’t know what came over me. The tears and sniffles stopped. Was it because the naughty movie that we were, accidentally, watching excited me? Or was I just some horney little slut who felt special because of the attention I was getting. But either way I found myself not acting like my shy reserved self. “Protection” I said

“What?” Damion said as he looked a little confused.

“DO you have any protection?” I asked again while firmly placing my hand on his private. Damions face lit up as he pulled me close for a kiss before reaching down to his pants pulling out his wallet and ultimately the protection I was asking for.

It wasn’t long before we were both in the buff and I was putting his protection on him. And then after a little bit of touching I spread my legs open and guided him in me. As we made love on the couch, I found myself gazing into his lustful yet loving eyes thinking that he could be the one.

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Harthrowe Generation 4.12 “The Trip”

Well needless to say that after giving birth to my triplets I was tired, dead tired. It takes a lot out of you to give birth and triplets at that. But I wasn’t that tired that I couldn’t hold all my newborns for the first time. But shortly after their arrival into the world, I crashed. I couldn’t help it, I was just so tired that I fell fast asleep. Once my sister had taken them out of the room that is, im not that bad of a mother. And when I awoke a few hours later, it was to the sight of my mother sitting patiently at the back wall waiting for me. She managed to keep her promise to visit. Or so I assumed, maybe I was out longer than I had thought, either way, I was glad to see her.

My visit with mom was an extensive one, I was to be stuck in the hospital for a few days on observation. So I got to get some catch-up on the every day going ons that was happening over in Sunset Valley over the past few months since our last visit. Well, needless to say, nothing in particular was going on. The twins, Maddie and Mel, were going to be going to high school. Mom was concerned about her babies taking an early interest in boys, but I don’t think they will. After having to be raised alongside with their nieces, and even now, there always seems to be a toddler at their home. I don’t think they will be taking an intimate interest in boys for some time. Mom told me about how my Aunt Nelly and Uncle Todd moved away when he got stationed to another air base. It was in some place called Cedar Falls, something along those lines. Some of my cousins also moved on. Theres way to many of them to keep track of, damn you Aunt Sarah. And other than that, well nothing. Grandma Anna is still doing well, she plans to have a big get together again some time.

As the days went by, I was finally cleared with a clean bill of health and allowed to take my triplets home. Lacey helped me a lot when it came to caring for my triplets. Since there was three of them and only one of me, I had to do things a lot differently when it came to feeding them. Things id rather not talk about. Anyways, Lacey was a great help and always was there to help feed one when I had my hands full with the other two, not to mention she was doing great with the twins too. Heather was also a big help, always taking time out of her busy day to play with the children. It was never a dull moment at our house but time has a way of creeping up on you, and before long it was time to celebrate my triplets first birthdays.




Both Will and Emma got my mother’s, or grandfather’s, eyes. The same golden brown that I have. Lana took after her father getting his light brown eyes and his black hair. Emma also got his black hair while Will got my light brown. Over all, they look more like I do then their father. Speaking of which, I tried to call him so he could come to his children’s first birthday, but he never answered nor returned the calls. I wish he would come back, not for me but for the children…

Life went on and my Sister and I spent a lot of time teaching the little ones the basics that they needed to know. Lacey had been scheduled for the night shift and always was around when the girls were up. Unlike Heather who would come home to find that all five of them were down for the night. I know Heather feels bad, that she isn’t as big a help as Lacey is, but she’s doing her best to help when she can and I couldn’t ask for more.

On nice days,or evenings, when Lacey has the time off from work, the seven of us usually go to the park. Heather is usually at work or swamped with work that she can never make it out of the house. But on this particular day we had gotten to the park when I realized that I left our jackets at home. Lacey volunteered to stay with the girls and Will while I went home to get the jackets. As I got home, I found a strange car parked out front. At the time I thought nothing of it assuming it was a new car Heather bought, or maybe it was a neighbors car. Anyways I was on the phone to Lacey trying to find out if she needed anything from her room, not expecting what I would find up stairs.

“You need your jacket too?” “Yeah I can get it, just give me a… a…”

“Linsey, is everything okay” I could vaguely hear my sister on the phone for by this time I had nearly dropped it to the floor.

“Oh Shit, im so sorry, im so sorry” Heather said trying her best to cover herself. Her lover had already fled to the bathroom leaving her exposed, in more ways than one. My face reddened as I quickly turned away.

“Hello? Hello? Linsey? are you still there” I could hear faintly coming from my side. I had forgotten that I was talking to Lacey on the phone. “Is everything okay? I heard Heather, is she alright?”

I brought the phone back up to my ear turning my back to Heather while allowing her some time to regain some of her dignity and well cloths. “Yeah, sorry about that… it’s just… well you see… erm…” I couldn’t find a way to get the words out as to what I just witnessed. “Yeah I just bumped into Heather…”

“Oh is she alright? I thought she was busy” Lacey said

“Erm, well she sure was busy alright” I responded, and man was she ever busy. “I’ll have to call you back, okay Lace” I said hanging up the phone as Heather was approaching me from around the corner. From the looks of things she had found her boy-toys shirt to cover herself with.

“I can explain, really I can” Heather began. “You see I called over my friend Adrian to come help me with some of my work” Man he sure was helping her work I thought. “And well, the computer over heated so the room got all stuffy. We thought we would cool off by taking our cloths off…”

“And let me guess, he bent you over the desk so you both can look for the problem with the computer all the while he was repetitively falling on you” I interrupted “Come-on Heather don’t treat me like a child, I know that you get lonely, we all do, but the least you can do is take it to your room. What if I wasn’t alone, what if by chance one of the children were to wander through”

There was a slight pause between us before the silence was broken by Heather. “Yeah… I’m sorry. Your right on both parts. I shouldnt have treated you like a child, it’s just… it’s just so embarrassing to have some one walk in on you like that. And I know its my fault, should have done this in my room but I didn’t think anyone would be home for a few hours…”

“Its okay, um just give me a few mins pick up our jackets and then you can go back to what you were doing” I told her.

Before I could get a chance to grab our jackets, my phone started to buzz. “Hey what happened over there?” Lacey asked

“Oh nothing, Heather was just working, working him real hard” I told Lacey in a jokingly manner. Heather at that moment turned an even brighter shade of red then what she already was. “Anyways I’ll fill you in on all the detail when I get back” And with that I grabbed our stuff and left to head back to the park, to my children.

When I arrived back at the park, I was a lot warmer then when I left. I still hadn’t gotten over what I saw. Yes it was disturbing seeing my cousin in that manner, but part of me longed for something like that. Someone who loves me, and can make love to me. I know its selfish to say considering how much love I receive from my family, but that’s not the kind I needed. I needed someone who was in love with me. As I stood there ,with that warm feeling, watching over my little ones as the played in the sand, Lacey approached me from the distance. She had a big smirk on her face almost if she could sence how I was feeling.

“So you walked in on Heather while she was being…” Lacey paused for a quick second, looking around. I guess she was making sure the children were not around to hear her. “fucked” she whispered after her pause. My face reddened up again as I nodded in confirmation, thus making Lacey’s grin get even bigger, if you can belive that. Shortly after my response, Lacey got very bubbly, beginning to ask all sort of questions. “Who was he?” she asked first.

“Erm, well Heather called him Adrian, her friend” I told her

“Well what did he look like, how big was he” She asked

My face got an even brighter shade of red from her last comment. “Um, well… I don’t know. I only saw him for a brief few seconds and from his back only.” I don’t know why Lacey was so curious as what was going on in Heathers sex life…

“Back side, huh… So did he have a nice ass? Oh, oh, so how were they were doing it” She asked. Yet more seemingly pointless questions

“Oh common, really why is this so important… well if you have to know I walked up to get your jacket and Heather was bent over her desk. There are you happy” I shouted, not quite realizing that I was yelling at my curious older sister. Lacey went silent, her face reddened a little and I noticed her eyes start to swell up. “Oh gosh sis, im sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you, it’s just…”

“Its okay Lins, your right I shouldn’t have… well its just… no you don’t need to…” Lacey said, she was rubbing her eyes, trying to stop herself from crying. Seeing her like that made me feel horrible, I mean Lacey has thrown away so much for me these past few years and she didn’t deserve the way I yelled at her.

“No go ahead, don’t be afraid to tell me whats on your mind.”

“Well its just…” She said biting her lower lip “Promise you wont laugh”

“Promise” I replied

“Well its just… you see im just a little curious because… im… well it more what I haven’t done” she whispered

It wasn’t hard to put two and two together and I figure out that Lacey was well, still a virgin. “Is that all?” I asked “how is that a bad th…” I was trying to say before Lacey interrupted.

“I’m almost thirty for crying out loud… I havent been kissed, hell I havent even had a boyfriend” She cried. I was at a loss for words, I knew Lacey was private about her life and I had always assumed that she kept her affairs to herself. But I would have never guessed that she had never been in a relation. After spewing out all that, Lacey wandered off to be alone for a while. There was an awkward silence at the sand box, my children knew something had upset their aunt but they didn’t understand what or why. And after a short period of time, to regain her composure, Lacey rejoined us in the sand box. She was a little apologetic for divulging all her personal information to me, but it was alright with me. She had been there so much for me during these past years, and I just wish I knew some decent enough guys to introduce her to. The only ones I knew were, well… total tools. But there is hope, my twin our sister Lilah, she might know a few decent guys from her career.

But that will have to wait. We have some packing to do, tonight was our last night going to the park before the trip. Grandma was throwing a get-together back in Twinbrook. I’ve Never been there, mom says it’s a horrible place. But were all going none the less. This get-together, its to celebrate my grandmother’s seventy-seventh birthday along with a few other important events. My Triplets first birthday is one of them. Maybe when were back at our families roots, Lacey and I might find someone. Anyways, the flight is going to be interesting, it will be the first flight for all of my children, and a long one at that. Our flight is a lay-a-way, going to be stopping in Sunset Valley, so I’ll get a few hours to visit my childhood home before we leave for my mothers childhood home.

At the airport I meet up with Lilah and her family. I hadn’t seen her since the triplets were born so I was a little surprised when I saw her. She was rather large, pregnant again, at least in the last weeks of her second trimester. With a smile on her face, she waddled her way over to me. I would have gone to her but its a little difficult with so many little ones. Lilah and I, we talked for a while just to see how things were going, it turns out that Lilah was in the twenty-ninth week of her pregnancy, she was expecting another baby girl. My brother-in-law, Cameron, was as excited with the news of having another baby as he was when he first learned that he impregnated my sister. He was a great father, and a great Uncle to my children. Anyways after a few hours of catch-up, our flight was ready to board and after a not so quick flight, we landed back in Sunset Valley where we were greeted by our parents. Aunt Kira was there too and she wasnt alone. She was accompanied by my cousin Theron and she was also holding a cute little blonde girl, not much older than Tammy and Crystal. And that’s when things got interesting.

Heather was overjoyed to see her brother and mother that she rushed straight over to them. I rushed over to embrace my parents too, as did Lilah.

“Ronnie!!” Heather exclaimed “Why didn’t you tell me that you had a daughter?” Heather asked.

Theron looked rather confused as he looked over at his mother. The expression on his face said it all, it was a you-didn’t-tell-her type of look. He rubbed the back of his head nervously before he said anything. “Well you see…” he said

“Heather dear” My Aunt interrupted “Id like you to meet Melony, your sister.” Kira said

I think we all were rather surprised by bombshell that my Aunt had just dropped. None more than Heather who just stood there with a blank expression on her face, and I couldn’t blame her. If that truly was her sister, it would mean that they are at least twenty-seven years apart. Not to mention my Aunt would have been in her fifties when she had the cutie. And im not sure if that’s possible or safe even for either of them. As I stood there dumbfounded by the information, Heather started to laugh.

“That’s a good one mom, you almost had me there.” Heather said as her laughs died down. Her remark was met with a more serious glare from my Aunt. “You’re… you’re not joking are you” Heather then said as she noticed the seriousness of her mothers face. My Aunt nodded in acknowledgment to Heathers question. Again Heathers face went blank before she lit up. “I’ve always wanted a baby sister” she said as she grabbed the giggling toddler from my Aunts arms. And with that, they took us back home. The home where I grew up.

After a few hours back home, learning the details of Melony’s existence, our next flight was ready and we all boreded as a family. We practically took up the entire plane. This was to be an even longer flight. Twin Brook was farther from Sunset Valley than Bridgeport was. Thankfully there was enough of us now to take care of the younger ones. My mother, on the other hand, kinda sat back. She was nervous about going back to Twin Brook, something about bad memories taking place some thirty plus years ago. When my girls were asleep, I decided to listen to my mothers fears. As I made my way through the isle of family, I could see my mother not to far away but from what I could see was that she truly was nervous. She was fidgeting in her seat, much like my children do, and her legs were shaking. Something about this trip is really bugging her.

I sat down next to my mother, my father had already gotten up a while ago to help with his grandchildren. Even though I sat myself next to my mother, her attention was else where as she gazed out the window. It took me a while but I finally worked up the courage to talk to her. “Mom” I began, but to no avail. She was still lost in her thoughts. “Mom” I tried again, but this time nudging her shoulder.

This time it worked as my mother shook her head a little breaking off from her thoughts. “Oh, im sorry baby. Whats on your mind?” she asked.

“Oh nothing, just wanted to see how you’re doing. See whats on your mind”

“Its nothing dear, nothing at all…” her voice trailed off at the end.

“Mom its okay. Maybe getting off what ever is on your chest, maybe it will make you feel better” I told her “I mean it sure makes me feel better when Lilah forces me to talk”

“Well…” my mother hesitated “Well you see” she paused again “You see, your father and I, we weren’t always together. There was another man in my life before I met your father” This was news to me, I never knew, well never asked either. I didn’t want or need to know about my moms dating history. I mean who actually wants to know. “And well” She continued “Well I just found out that he is going to be in town”

“So whats wrong with that, it’s not like you still love him, right?” I asked.

“I used to, I think, but that was a long time ago. I don’t have feeling for him anymore” She said

“Well why are you so nervous?” I asked

“Its complicated” she replied

“Whats complicated about it?” I asked

My mother let out a sigh and then leaned over to me. “Well… emm… you see…” she sighed again “It just that… well, he was my first” she said. Eww gross, I thought and then there was an awkward silence between us. I really wasnt expecting that. Mothers face turned a little red, she was a little embarrassed talking to her daughter about her first partner.

“Does dad…”

“Of corse he does, I told him before we got married” she interrupted “its just…” she sighed “well I wish I could take it all back. Do things differently. Wait untill I was with the man who I loved, your father.”

Hearing that made me think, I almost wish I had waited. But then again I was totally smashed. I don’t even know who my first partner was, what he even looked like. And the twins look too much like I do to even begin to tell what he might have looked like. All of what I remember is a haze, his thing popping though the bathroom stall. But I couldn’t change that, nor would I not if it ment loosing Crystal and Tammy. And anyways, they say your still a virgin untill you give yourself away, but I did that also. Did that and got my triplets. All I know is that I felt horrible, here my mother was confessing her mistakes to me, mistakes that I had made aswell. But unlike my mother who got her happily ever after, I, I am still alone… But I throw on a happy face, give my mother a kiss and go back to sit next to my mistakes… Mistakes that I will never regret, that I would never give up. Never.

The remainder of the flight went by with out not so much as a peep from my children. They sat there fast asleep while I gazed at their gorgeous faces, how could I feel sad or sorry for myself when I had five beautiful children. It was only when the plane began to land that they woke up, no cries came from their mouths as they awoke peacefully and to family. The same couldn’t be said for all the little ones on the plane.

Grandma was there to meet us at the air port, she had a big smile on her face seeing as her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were all together. Shortly after the formal Hellos, we were in route to the house my mother had grown up in.

As we exited our vehicles, we were once more greeted by Grandma Anna. With a big smile, she greeted everyone. “Everyone, id like to introduce you to a long time family friend” Grandma said “This, this is Bob” she said pointing to a large tree in front of her house. A tree? A tree named Bob? I thought. “Well his real name is Harold, but we call him Bob just to piss him off, or that’s what my father used to say.” Grandma said. “He has been a part of our family far before any of us were born. In fact my father and mother got married underneath him” she explained “He once lived at the house I was born and raised in, but my father gave him to me when I moved out on my own. He is something special withstanding multiple moves and I just thought id share with you some of our families history” With a big smile, Grandma invited us all inside. We were the first ones there, aside from my Great Aunt Keri, her daughter Janel and twin grand-daughters Rose and Luna. We weren’t going to be the only ones though, Grandma invited everyone, and I mean everyone. All of her brothers and sisters families were going to be showing up. All together, that’s some two-hundred and fifty of us. Hard to belive that it started with two people about four generations ago.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

While searching around some old flash drives of mine, I discovered an old save file for the sims titled “Twinbrook Generations”. Imediatly I remembered that as the original save title for the Harthrowe family. Curiosity beckoned as I uploaded it to my laptop and about an hour and a half of loading (yes I had the patience to let it load and yes it did take that long to load on a fast computer) I had found a very early version of Sean. She had just aged up to an adult, far before I did anything to her. Anyways after a few days of grabbing sims I decided to work on the family tree, updating and editing sims and families from what I had written during Anna and Seans stories. Some many days later, the Harthrowe family jumped from some twenty sims to roughly some two-hundred and fifty. Anyways ill try to update the actual family tree site so that I can show off all of them. And the next update or two will be using the world I created that has the entire lineage. Also I might upload the new save file sometime if anyone is interested or wants to use a Harthrowe.

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Harthrowe Generations 4.11 “New”

It was strange having my big sister and cousin living with me. Very strange… and with their arrival, I was hardly getting any sleep. If it wasnt the constant beep beeping noise that would come from Lacey’s pager, it would be the constant rustling noise that I heard from Heather. Heather was a light sleeper and was constantly moving around in her little sleeping bag, and on the rare case she wasnt moving, she was snoring. -Yeah, very lady like, I know- Then on the very rare occasion that Lacey wasnt on call, and Heather was out like a light, then and only then was I able to get a good nights sleep, untill one of my girls has a nightmare and wakes up crying. To put it in simpler terms, I was getting more sleep when my girls were really young and still learning the differences between day and night. I know that it might sound like im complaining, I love my family and am very grateful that they are willing to sacrifice their lives to help me, but its these strange times that I almost wish that I were alone, almost.

As I said I am eternally grateful that they are here with me for these are uncertain times for me. I’m pregnant again while still going on the big two zero. My health, both mental and physical, are in an unstable state. -That’s actually another reason why Lacey wanted to move in with me- And well, my book, that I put so many painful hours into, is still in limbo. I’m scared half the time, not sure what going to happen. Will my heart stop again when I go into labor, will I recover? Will my triplets be born healthy and safe, for my twins were very little when they were born… I wish I knew what to do, all Lacey tells me to do is to take it easy and relax, but how can I…

But through the uncertainty, life has a way of progressing. My fathers old friends came through and before long the renovations to my house were underway again. The workers worked feverishly through all hours of the day. I rarely had a single moment to myself during the construction, and it was rare for me to even get to use the restroom in peace. And taking a soothing bath, that Lacey had recommended, well that was out of the question. It was always “Ms. Harthrowe, can you look at this and that” or “Mommy mommy, I have to go potty” even to “Think you can hurry up in there, its been a long day at work and I really have to pee”. It was very frustrating as my waistline was rapidly expanding, I knew that this had to be done, but why was it that I could never get a moment for myself. Selfish sounding, I know, but it was getting rather hard to function with all the extra stress which Lacey says isn’t good for me or my babies by the way- but I just can’t take it, all I want is to bathe in peace. And not some half ass shower either, it very uncomfortable to stand let alone wash myself with my large swollen belly in the way.

But as quickly as the frustration started, it went away fast when the house was done. My fathers friends finished rather fast -he was right to say they were good- and a new floor was added to my, I mean our house. Three new bed rooms were constructed, one for Lacey, another for Heather and lastly there was the one for my children. They also put up another bathroom which will defiantly relieve some of the tension. There was a small deck and even an office -well it was the hallway with a desk and computer- Heather will probably use it for her work.

As I grew larger, Lacey got me a few books to read. They were all about what to expect while pregnant. Even though this is my second time experiencing this wonderous time in life, I had no idea what to expect for my first time came and went without me even knowing it. -I know im a bad mother- But this time, it was different. This time I swelled up rather early and was on an emotional roller coaster.

Then came the aches and pains. My back always seemed to bother me. Even through it all, I still made sure to spend time with Crystal and Tammy. And Lacey made sure to spend time with her nieces too, that was when she wasnt busy with work, or examining me.

In between cases, Heather began to make use of the art studio that was down in the basement. I had planed to use it myself, but being as pregnant as I was, I would tire out fast. Hopefully once my babies are born, ill have the energy to take up painting once again. But for now, ill just read up and prepare as best I can for delivery.

As my due date rears its head around the corner, I found it almost impossible to care for the twins on my own. I can’t bend over to pick them up and squatting down always makes me have to pee. Getting up in the morning has become such a chore that most days I spend in bed. Lacey and Heather spoil me by allowing me to rest. Lacey says that she is not bothered by it, she actually enjoys getting to spend so much time with her nieces that she considers them her own. I think Heather feels the same way since neither of them have children of their own, yet.

I have overheard Heather talk a about how she wants to experience pregnancy and child-birth for herself. The only thing is that she hasn’t been in a relation that was entirely about love. I hear the way she talks to Lacey about how she does you know what with whomever she pleases. Most of her stories usually end up with her on her bent over her desk in her office. I think she could be a great lover and mother one day, she just has to open her heart up -I know the same could be said about me, but every time ive opened my heart, ive had it ripped apart- Heather’s relations have been purely about pleasure and sex only-

Tonight while I laid in bed I felt a sharp pain from my abdomen. Could this be a contraction? I wondered. I got out my book not entirely sure if it was time or not. And while I looked through the book, the pain began again. I didn’t notice at the time -due to the pain- that my bed was soaked, needless to say I didn’t have to look it up anymore, I knew now that it was time. My babies would be making their entrance to the world shortly.

In between contractions, I waddled my way up to Lacey’s room. “Lacey… its time” I said trying my best to remain calm. But before She could say anything, the pain returned.

Lacey just gave me a slight smile before saying anything. “Everything will be alright, now when did you experience the contractions” Lacey said

“I don’t know, maybe twenty minuets ago?” I replied

“Alright then, let’s have a look-see” she said gently patting the bed. I still a little uncomfortable with having to expose myself to Lacey -even after all the times I had to before- but I slowly climbed on to her bed and took of my underwear so she could examine me.

“So are they coming soon?” I asked

Lacey gave me another smile “Honey, you’ve just begun” she told me “Now we should get you to the hospital so you can have a safe delivery”

And with that we woke up Heather to let her know that I had gone into labor. Heather had already agreed to stay behind and watch the girls for me while I give birth. Heather had also agreed to let us use her car -or Lacey that is- so that we can get to the hospital as soon as possible, Lacey wanted to run a few tests to make sure I didn’t run into any complications down the road.

As we got to the hospital, Lacey rushed ahead to get me a wheel-chair and checked in. I was then taken to a room and striped down to something that would be more suitable to give birth in. -ie a hospital gown- And then I was laid down while Lacey began to check me out. She ran a few tests and saw that my heart was doing fine and I should be able to handle the birthing process. My contractions were arriving sooner and sooner as the evening became the morning. As I was relaxing -inbetween contractions- I got a surprise visit from my twin, Lilah. I guess Heather called her to let her know that I had gone into labor, I also got a unexpeected call from my mother. Mother wished that she could be by my side as I gave birth, but her plane was delayed. She was going to surprise me, but she hopes to be by and see her grandchildren before they are even a day old. And with that I had to hang up, I couldn’t talk on the phone while Lacey was checking me down there. I had come to the point where I was to have an epidermal administrated. Lacey and Lilah both recommended that I take some to ease the pain, but I refused. My mother had brought us all into the world without using any drugs and I figured I would do the same, and how painful can it be, I mean I was doing just fine with the contractions that came over the past ten hours.

Jeez was I ever wrong, as I neared ten centimetres and the contractions came every minuet, I begged and pleaded with Lacey to give me something to nullify the pain. The pain so much that I began to cry, but there was nothing they could do, it was way to late for any pain killers. What seemed like hours was only a matter of minuets, but thankfully it wasnt much longer that I was fully dilated and ready to deliver. At ten fourteen in the morning I gave birth to a son, William. He was six pounds seven ounces. (3.2kg ish) A few pushes later and at ten seventeen, my third daughter was born, Emma. -the second of my triplets- She was five pounds five ounces. (2.5kg ish) Lastly came another daughter, almost ten minuets later, little Lanna was brought into this world at ten twenty-seven this morning. She weighed four pounds seven ounces, (2.2kg ish) a lot smaller than her siblings but not as small as Crystal and Tammy when they were born.

After all the pain I experienced, in the long run it was worth it and id do it again. I feel better about myself knowing that I was able to give birth to three healthy babies with out the use of drugs. I’m the luckiest woman in the world right now.

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Harthrowe Generation 4.10 “arrangements”

Did the words that left Chris’ mouth hurt me? Yes, they hurt so bad that words can’t even describe the pain im in. He used the “C” word so many time, and no woman ever wants to be called that. But there was still a part of me who loved him, he was the first man I let inside, both mentally and physically. And I sat there hoping, begging and preying that the doors would fly open and Chris would be there with a bouquet of flowers in hand and a heartfelt apology from his lips. If that happened, I would have let him back into our lives and left that whole incident behind us. But it never happened… a few days went by without such as a peep from where Chris was. I desperately wanted to call him, but I was afraid of what he might say, what he might do. And after a week of nothing at all from him, I knew it was over. Nothing was going to change between us, nothing was going to get better. And to make the matter worse, I was carrying his children. I’ll admit that for a while, I did contemplate getting an abortion, but the thought of losing not just a child but multiple children just scared me. More so than the thoughts of being alone.

With three little ones on their way, I needed to act fast with the my twins. I knew that before long, my body would swell up and I, in theory, should have a harder time maneuvering around. I’m not quite one-hundred on this though for my last pregnancy went by without me even know that I was expecting. Anyways I thought it would be best to prepare for the worse and get cracking on teaching my twins some of the basics. You know things like walking, talking and using the potty. I was fortunate enough to have already weaned them a few short months back when Chris and I were still together. It took a lot of dedication and a few weeks in time but the twins were fast learners and no longer needed my assistance with their basics. It was a good thing too for I was already starting to show and the back pains were starting to frequent more and more. The only thing left for me to do was come clean to the family about everything. Everyone already knew that I was expecting, Lacey can’t keep her mouth shut, but what they didn’t know was that Chris had left me over a month ago. No call, no texts, no emails, nothing. It’s like he diapered off the face of the planet. Anyways I was going to be going in for another ultrasound today, my mother was going to fly in for a few days and I whole heartedly invited her to come with me for this appointment. My mother was coming over not only to visit, but she was coming to help Angie move back to Sunset Valley. I guess with this visit ill inform my family on my situation…

My mother was already checked in at her hotel and was waiting for me at the hospital. She was a little curious as to why my boyfriend wasnt around and all I could do was put on a brave face at tell her the truth. I broke down as I told her all the hurtful things he said that night and my mother, she was in shock. But it wasnt long untill she pulled me close to try to comfort me. She told me that I could always move back home with them, but I didn’t want to do that. There would be no room with Alyse and her daughter Aurora, Daisy with her twins, Erika and Samantha. Not to mention my younger sisters Maddie and Mel were getting into their teens and my parents were starting to slow down. I just couldn’t do that to them. So after a short embrace and the tears were wiped from my cheeks, I went in for my ultrasound with my mother. I was shocked when I entered to find out that my cousin Heather was waiting with Lacey. Heather had recently been transferred to Bridgeport from her law firm and was going to move in with my sister since Angie was going home. Anyways I decided it was best not to bother them with my troubles and the appointment went on as normal. I got to see my babies for the first time, and it was confirmed that I indeed was carrying triplets. I broke down crying as I saw them, they were so beautiful and I was overwhelmed with seeing them. But then I couldn’t stop crying, and they weren’t tears of joy anymore, I realized that there was no way I could care for these babies. As I sat there crying, I could tell that Lacey and Heather were beginning to feel uncomfortable. That’s when I just couldn’t hold it in, I cried out everything that had happened to me. Lacey and Heather looked at one another before stepping out, I felt bad for I knew that they felt uncomfortable having to listen to my problems. But when they came back in, there was a strange calm look to them.

“Linsey, sweaty, you don’t have to go this alone” Lacey said

“Were all here for you” Heather said shortly afterwards “Lacey and I talked it over and well…”

“We were wondering if we could all move in together” Lacey interrupted.

I sat there for a while a little shocked about what they had said, but I was able to get out a response. “you don’t have to burden yourselves over my mistakes” I cried. “Plus I wouldn’t have any room for you two”

“First of Lins, never call them a mistake. Chris might have been an ass, and maybe you two should have used protection, but those babies are not mistakes.” Lacey said. “Second, well we were going to tell you later, but were going to build a second floor to your house for you twentieth birthday. And finally we want to move in with you.”

“You see were both so busy with work that neither one of us have had time for a serious relation. That’s not to say we havent had our share of fun, or at least I have, but neither one of us have children and well, we would be grateful if you allow us to experience the joys of having children.”

And with that, it was settled. I was going to get a second story added to my house and my sister Lacey and cousin Heather would be moving in with me. And as for the sleeping arrangements, well my sister and cousin didn’t mind sleeping on the floor, they had sleeping bags. I love them, I love my family so much.

The first morning after having Lacey and Heather move in, there was an unexpected and early ring at the door.

to my surprise my family was out there!! My Grandmother, my parents, my sisters and their children. All outside my front door. As I said before, word travels fast around my family and well im grateful that they could all come support me.

My father came up to me to let me know that I was not alone, that I had the entire family to fall on if I ever needed anything. Also that he wasnt going to be able to make the house renovations this time, but he had a few friends out here that he trusted.

My sisters were excited to hear about my triplets and neither one of them could resist the opportunity to feel my swollen belly at the first ounce of movement that my babies were making. Mellissa (on the right) loved rubbing her hands all over my stomach, well Madison (on the left) loved pressing her ear to listen for anything. I thought it was awfully adorable that they took such an interest in my pregnancy. I also found it hard to belive that these were my baby sisters, they grew so fast in the short few years ive been away from home. And they are blossoming into beautiful young wemon.

My oldest sister, Alyse, brought me a small gift. Inside was a maternity book. It was the same book she read when she was pregnant with Aurora some nten years ago. I was grateful for I was unsure what was to come with my pregnancy.

After I got changed, I found the mastermind behind everything. My seventy-six year old grandmother. Grandma Anna had heard from my mother what had happened to me and she enlisted the entire family to come down and make me feel better. More than likely she was the one who purchased everything so they could come spend the afternoon with me. Im so lucky to have her in my life and I don’t know what any of us would do if we lost her.

At the end when everyone had left, I found myself standing on the porch realizing how lucky I am. I have a loving caring family who will always be there for me. And even though my children will probably never know their father, they wont ever need to with such a great family I have.

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Harthrowe Generation 4.9 “Shattered”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
caution: usage of strong language appears in this chapter
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I feverish worked on my book to meet the deadlines that I was submitted from my publisher. This first book of mine had been long over due with the unexpected arrival of my twins, and with the recent romance I had developed with Chris. Between taking care of the girls during the days and, well, lets just say that my nights were just as bussy, the deadline was approaching soon. So with the deadline fast approaching, I had to buckle down and write. For the majority of the time, I found myself sitting in the corner of the girls room with my laptop at hand. That was untill Tammy and Crystal wanted to add their bits to the story. It was their way of saying “Mommy, play with us”.

Thankfully I had finished my first book with a little time to spare. Now came the wait and worry. “Was I as good of a writer as my mother was? Would this book sell? Would my publisher hire me on for more books?” These were the types of questions racing through my head, I was very uncertain about my future, well all but a few thing. First that I had two beautiful little girls who I would love forever and secondly, I had a solid relation with Chris.

Speaking of which, Chris has been over more and more over these past few weeks. It’s almost been like he was living with us. He is really great with the girls and I don’t worry with him helping out with bath time. And the girls don’t seem to mind either, they really seem to like him, more like love him, as a father. And well, after the girls are clean and down for a nap, that’s when we get dirty.

As time went by, the previous weeks were not too friendly to me. My body was full of aches and pains that would make anyone cry. There was also a surprising amount of nauseousness involved as most mornings I would be on my hands and knees. Well when Chris was over they were like that anyways, but it wasn’t like that. I was barely keeping anything down. So I phoned Lacey with my symptoms, her reaction was a rather silent one but she insisted that I come in for a check up.

I don’t know if it was intuition or what, but when I went in for my appointment, I decided to wear a small skirt and a light shirt. something easy to remove. Anyways Lacey performed a few tests before giving me a small physical. All the while a weird smirk kept reappearing across her face as she examined me from head to toe, primarily inspecting my lady features. I began to shake, knowing that I had been sexually active, wondering if something was wrong. Chris and I never used protection but that was because he told me that he his previous wife never wanted children and he had a vasectomy already. I now worried that something was wrong with me.

Lacey came back to my small little room with a rather worrying frown on her face. “Sis” Lacey said in a rather monotone voice “I got the results back from your tests”

I waited around for my sister to tell me what was going on, but she just stood there looking over the charts she had in her hands, not saying anything. I started to panic as I began to hyperventilate. “W..w..whats wrong with m..m..meee” I blurted out

Lacey’s face didn’t change as she let out a sigh. “Sis… your pregnant” she shouted out with joy throwing her hands up into the air as a huge smile engulfed her face. “Congratulations” she said pulling me into a hug.

Tears were already down my cheeks from the worry that I was feeling. “R..r..r..really?” I asked in disbelief

“Really” Lacey replied

“Then, w..why were you acting so serious, like I was dying” I asked

“because I wanted to see the reaction you would give” Lacey replied

“You’re an asshole”

“I know”

Lacey had determined that I was already at least nine weeks into this pregnancy, and since I had been so ill when I gave birth to my girls, she recommended that we do an ultrasound to check up on how things were going. Plus I think she was just curious as I was. Lacey did not have anymore patients for the night and with the assistance of one of her friends, got me set up for my first ultrasound. I left the hospital with news that I wasnt ready for, not only was I pregnant again, but I was carrying triplets. Yes, I remember distinctly the look on Lacey’s face when she examined the ultrasound. I can’t wait to tell Chris.

later that night when I got home, Chris was still up waiting for me. I had him watch the girls while I went out to learn of my good fortune. I pulled Chris close for a small kiss before giving him the news. “Chris… im pregnant”

Chris let out a small chuckle “Your joking, right” he said with a grin on his face

“Your going to be a daddy” I told him in response. I couldn’t stop smiling for I was so excited, Chris on the other hand didn’t seem to thrilled.

Chris smile faded fast from his face as his face turned a bit red. “You stupid cunt!!” he shouted “how could you let this happen, you were supposed to be on the pill” he screamed

“u..uh… but” I muttered

“You mother fucking cunt, it’s probably not even my child is it?!? is it?!?!” he screamed.

Tears began to fall from my cheeks “y..y..your t..t..the o…only…”

“I cant deal with this” he screamed as he stormed out the door.

I really started to cry after he left. What he said hurt worse than any injury that I had ever experienced. It hurt worse than what happened with my previous relations. I cried not sure about myself. I cried not sure what to do. I cried and cried and cried untill I heard crying that wasnt mine.

It was Tammy and Crystal, they were awoken by Chris’ screaming and they were scared.

I put on a brave face and acted like nothing was wrong, even though my whole world was shattering. I was already a single mother of two, now I would soon be of five. I was facing an uncertain future with no word whether or not they would like for me to continue writing. I felt so alone, so hurt, so violated, but I had to suppress all the hurt, for them…

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Harthrowe Generation 4.8 “Addtions”

Small disclaimer: this chapter deals with sexual situations and contains brief nudity

The next few months, my father came down to live with me. Well that wasn’t necessarily the reason why he was over was to help build on to my small house. My father was adding on a small room for my girls. You see, all though my father was a stay at home dad, he was also a talented architect before he got together with my mother. Just one of those things you never know about your family untill a situation arose. For him to spend time with his daughters and grand-daughters along with touching base on what he used to do whilst in France, I didn’t blame him when he jumped at the opportunity to work on my house. Now the next thing I guess I should explain is how I came into the money to renovate my small studio home. Well you see, a week before my father came over to work on my house, Grandma Anna came over to visit. She wanted to see how I was doing, since what had happened when the twins were born, and, well, I think just wanted to see her great-grand children. Now im not sure how my grandmother does it, but she is able to spoil her children, grand children, and even her great-grand children. I’m at a loss at where the money comes from considering she retired when my mother was a young teenager. Anyways, im not going to complain, I can’t.

My father added a small room just off of the kitchen in which my girls would be staying. It took quite some time of planning as to where we would add said room, and next to the kitchen had the most room. We had to sell one of the cabinets and counters in order to make room for a door, if not there would have been no way to get to the new room that my father had built.

With the little leftover amount of cash Grandma Anna had given me, I was able to furnish the new room. My father painted the room a lovely shade of purple while I picked up a few new toys for the girls. I also got the cribs refurbished to fit the theme of the new room.

And to my surprise, my father effected a small fence around the back of the house and a small flower garden for me. He also picked up a few toys for the yard too. Two small toddler swings and a large sandbox. I know the girls are going to love spending hours out there.

During the time that my father was constructing the addition to my house, I continued to write my story. I also was introduced to an online dating site by Faith. It was a few weeks after she gave birth to a daughter, Willow, that she came by and showed me the website. And well a little bit of curiosity and a whole lot of longing for a companion, I found myself shortly registered and talking to some mathchs. Anyways, long story short, I started talking to an older gentleman named Chris over the duration of the construction.

And as my story continued, a new romance blossomed between Chris and I. Chris, aside from being almost twice my age, is a divorcé with no children himself. He works as a bartender at one of the local night clubs and is quite sweet.

With the prospect of a new relation at hand I decided to utilize the workout equipment that was left in the basement. I wanted to get back into shape and trim of those few baby pounds I gained when I was pregnant with the girls. I even swam in the pool that was down there, though none of my swim suits would fit anymore, I just swam in the nude. It was exhilarating though the chances that I would be seen by anyone were nil.

And as I finished with my swim, I found out that Chris had the night free and wanted to meet in person. I redressed fast and called my sister to see if she could watch my girls for me. Thankfully, Lilah was willing to watch the girls for the night so that I could meet Chris in person.

We meet at the town center, a public location just for my safety. Chris was a perfect gentleman bringing me flowers before taking me out to dinner. It was a good night and I left feeling rather good about this relation.

And things were good for over the next few months we were seeing more and more of each other.

On one said date, Chris asked for permission before leaning over and giving me a kiss. I could feel a tingling sensation go throughout my body as he gave me a kiss, it felt, it felt so right. Like Chris is the one for me.

So I wasnt surprised after a few more dates what came out of my mouth.

I was ready this time.

As the night progressed, our harmless cuddling turned into something more passionate as I found him on top of me. I was nervous as this was going to be my first time. Well technically my second, maybe third? but anyways it would be my first time consciously making love. And after a few minuets of anxiously waiting while Chris’ soft hands made themselves know on my body, he gently spread my legs apart and began to rub himself on me. The feeling was amazing even before he entered and I found my self squirming and moaning with passion. And then with one reassuring look into my eyes, I found the pleasures of intercourse. It hurt slightly at first, but shortly afterwards the pleasure began and I found myself on my back for the majority of the night.

When the morning light broke upon or hot sweaty bodies, we shortly made our way into the bathroom for a quick shower and some more love.

A few nights later, I figured that since we were intimate with one another that it would be time that I introduce him to my daughters. Thankfully they took a quick shine to him.

We would take them out for strolls.

And we would spend the afternoon together. It was almost as if we were a family. Life has definitely taken an unexpected turn for the better.

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Harthrowe Generation 4.7 “Story Time”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
First off not much actual story going on here, this is mainly a test to see how it comes out and how everyone’s reaction is. Anyways before I ramble on, I present chapter 4.7. Enjoy the story.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I got home from my inspirational walk to find a quite house. As i walked up the stairs, I found my parents had already passed out from the exhausting task of watching my two little terrors. In between my parents were my two little ones, passed out like my parents were. As I stood there adoring my family, I noticed that it was past two in the morning and that my “short” walk had taken over four hours. Anyways I couldn’t bring myself to wake my parent, they were obviously exhausted if they couldn’t notice me walking into the room. And I didn’t want to chance waking the girls up. I figured that I could crash on the couch for the night.

The next morning I was awoken to the sounds of screams and giggles. My girls were obviously up and I could only guess as to what my parents were doing to get them so riled up. I snuck up the stairs and peered through the doors to spy my father making funny expressions as he was taking turns blowing raspberries on the girls tummies. It was a precious moment that I happened on, one that I hope to keep with me for the rest of my life.

Anyways, knowing that my girls were in good hands, I went down to call my publisher. I wanted to run my new ideas across that I had from my walk the previous night. My publisher was indeed interested in my ideas, unfortunately I would not be able to write it untill after I finished my first book. So as my parents play with the girls, I figure ill go back to the grind…

I had finished up writing a few chapters when my mother came down. It was time to feed the girls and she wanted to know whether I was still nursing, or if I had weened them off to baby food. I was a little hesitant to tell my mother that, yes I was still breast-feeding. At this age, my mother had already weened my sister and I, Lilah had also stopped breast-feeding a few weeks before her twins first year. But as embarrassed as I was, my mother understood that this was a decision. Breastfeeding gave my girls the nutrients that they needed to grow up strong and healthy, it also made me feel rather close to my girls. The other benefit that it held was that my breasts were larger thus boosting my self-confidence.

After taking care of my girls, my parents went back to playing with them. I especially think my mother enjoyed bath time, it brought back the memories she had when my sisters and I were little. I had a little more time to work on my story before the packing was to begin. Lilah had already moved her family out to a small city in the outskirts of the town and she had found a house nearby that I could afford.

Over the next week, my parents stayed with me to help out with the packing. I was a single parent of twins after all and sometimes it was overwhelming. Now some people might be wondering how my parents were able to stay and help when they still had two eleven-year-olds themselves. Well Both Daisy and Alyse still lived at home with their children, and though they never were real an authoritative figure, im sure the house wont burn down in the week my parents are helping me. Or at least we all hope so. And with that, my daughters and I were moved into a nice small house next to my sister.This will be the first time ever that im on my own, but im not afraid for I have the unconditional love from my daughters and a driving motivation to do whatever it takes to give them everything.

The house that my sister had picked out for me was an old studio, probably ment for someone who was living alone. I think that even though the house is small, that it will make a nice home for the girls and I to live in. They are still young, and my father has promised to come by later to help extend the house.

The only bedroom was raised up and fenced in. It laid directly to the kitchen and dining rooms.

The bathroom was rather large holding both a large tub and walk-in shower.

And the biggest surprise was that there was a basement with a full-sized pool. There was some workout equipment, which would probably will sit there collecting dust. And in the back corner was a washer and dryer along with my art equipment.

I tried to sleep as best I could but I ended up waking early. As the girls slept I worked some more on my book, I was still months behind from the unexpected set back of my twins birth. But even with the setbacks that I had this past years, I wouldn’t change things. Plus these late nights that I have been pulling have been progressing my story slowly.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
When im not busy working on my book, I find myself being busy with life in general. First comes teaching the girls the basics that they will need to know in their lives. Along with taking care of them in general, bathing with them was the most fun. While Tammy would enjoy playing in the bath tub with me, Crystal loved the falling water from the shower. And although I was bathing multiple times per day, it was all worth it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I think this is the last chapter from Linsey until Generations is released
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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